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            While strategically searching for a non-profit organization I came across PAWS Pet Foundation, which is located in Florida. Their website needed some serious reconstruction, and some added POP! To the color, and design. So that is when I decided that I was going to choose this organization. The client of this website redesign is PAWS Pet Foundation. The designer/programmer would be myself.

This first step to the redesign was to start with a site map. While looking at the header of their site I had to pinpoint which of the links would actually be useful and which ones could just be a link on another page. I had several different versions of the sitemap until I finally created one that just clicked, made sense and never looked back. After I finished the site map it was then time to move onto the wire frame. As for the wireframe I also redid it a few times until I was happy with my final version. I originally started with the wireframe that they already had and then realized that the whole point of this project was to change up the site, not settle for what they already had. That is when Photoshop came into play. After moving boxes, and text lines around I finally had my finished product, which I was one hundred percent happy with.

Some of the main reasons as to why I chose this site was that it was way too wordy. No one wants to read five paragraphs of text when trying to figure out what this organization is about, where it is located, and what they have to offer. After reading one sentence I found myself drifting away, and thinking about something completely different. I immediately limited the text and only included the major points, and what people are going to be interested in. Graphics, and pictures was another thing that had to be eliminated. They had a lot of old fashion emojis from the yahoo messenger days, which is not going to attract attention from potential customers. The pictures of the animals were also bad quality images, very blurry and looked too stretched out. I replaced the images that they had with good quality ones. The color of the site was also very bland, and only one color too it. They had a light purple/gray color, no background, or any color to make the site pop out at you. To fix that I added a background that had paw prints that are bright colors. The site was also very difficult to navigate the way that they had it since they had about 15 links on their navigational bar, which made it very confusing.

Overall with the changes that I have made to the organization, I find it to be very effective and more functional to use. The ease of just being able to click on the page you want to go to, find the information you want to know such as, what pets are available for adoption, then with just the click of a button you have your answer.  I believe the site made a complete 180 degree turn in the right direction.


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